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The History of Surfing

If we were to follow back the history of surfing, we should not be surprised to find its roots […]

Surfing Wetsuits

Surfing wetsuits have come a long way getting better and better every day. If at the beginning of the […]

Surfing in Barbados

Barbados Surfing conditions are ideal for any level of surfer. Barbados is almost guaranteed to have surf somewhere on […]

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Hawaii Surfing

An important part of the Polynesian culture, Hawaii surfing used to be a privileged activity of the royalty in […]

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Surf Lessons on Maui

It is safe to say that if anyone visiting Hawaii ever wants to learn how to surf this is the place. There are many different places to take surf lessons while on the island of Maui. My favorite is located in the town of Lahaina. Lahaina is just a short drive from the Kanapali resort area that is the temporary home of many tourists like me. I took a four hour lesson at this cute little place called goofy foot. They came highly recommended by the concierge […]

Surfing Waves

Waves are for surfing what notes are for a piece of music. What many people come to discover from experience is that there are several types of surfing waves, which makes the very practice of this sport a permanent challenge. Though categorizing is possible, it is nevertheless far from being exhaustive: this means that every time you go on the open sea, the surfing waves may bring you a great surprise. Here are a few basic notions on surfing waves together with the things that any amateur […]

Learning to Surf in Sydney for the Over Thirties

A few months ago, a friend called to ask if I’d like to join her on a surfing lesson. Giving thought to my answer, two images flashed to mind. My thirty-nine year old battle weary body, attempting to hang five with a gaggle of bewildered foreign backpackers and pointing school kids. And more vividly, the look on the faces of my settled couple and married-with-kids friends if they knew I was even considering the idea. Having recently broken out of Sydney’s Lower North Shore maximum suburbia and […]

California Surfing

For anyone interested in water sports along the American coasts, California surfing is more than rewarding. There are huge winter swells down the coast and lots of surfers riding the mountains to catch them at their full peak. Such a California surfing adventure could be the vacation of your life, so, get yourself a car and cruise up between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz when Santa Ana strikes. Moreover, California surfing offers a lot more opportunities besides the big winter swell: the warm weather, the quality […]