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The History of Surfing

If we were to follow back the history of surfing, we should not be surprised to find its roots deep down Polynesian cultures where the community members were wave riders. The chief of the tribe was actually the best surfer of all, and his board was crafted from the greatest wood. According to the same history of surfing, the Polynesian nobility had the best beaches, the most exquisite boards, and did come to develop the most impressive skills. Nevertheless, the other members of the community were also […]

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Surfing Wetsuits

Surfing wetsuits have come a long way getting better and better every day. If at the beginning of the wetsuits manufacturing industry they were mainly consisting of two pieces of clothing, things are pretty different nowadays. Very often suits that are purchased for other purposes such as scuba diving for instance, can also meet the needs of a surfer. First and foremost, the surfing wetsuits have to fit their users right, otherwise water will flow in the loose spaces and you can say good bye to the […]

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Surfing in Barbados

Barbados Surfing conditions are ideal for any level of surfer. Barbados is almost guaranteed to have surf somewhere on any given day of the year. Coral reefs practically encircle Barbados’ coastline giving the island the Caribbean’s most consistent surf conditions with swells all year round. You can find point breaks and reef breaks on the island, rights and lefts. To cap it all off you can travel to anywhere on the island in 45 minutes or less. Check our list of hotels that are popular for the […]

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